Frequently Asked Questions

What is Avataar?

Avataar is a global out of the box 3D and interactive augmented reality (AR) solution that enables retail ecommerce stores to create immersive shopping experiences for their customers. With over 1... See more

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality uses technology that superimposes a computer-generated image in real time on a person's real environment. See more

How is Augmented Reality (AR) used in ecommerce?

AR enables customers to view products in their own environment, even before making a purchase. The ability to see life-size products, change colors, and check dimensions in real time increases buy... See more

Are there any advantages to using AR?

AR can remove the guesswork from shopping by allowing customers to view life-size products in their own environment. According to research, 81% of shoppers feel more confident in their purchase a... See more

What information is required to create 3D models?

Once you install the Avataar app, your store catalog will sync with the Avataar app. The product images from your store's catalog are used to create 3D models. If you wish to provide some additio... See more

How many images does Avataar need to create a 3D model?

We need product visibility from all angles in order to build 3D models. There is no minimum image requirement as long as the entire product is visible. See more

Can I add animations in my 3D models?

Yes, Avataar supports animations. You can specify the animations while placing an order in the Place Order section. Select the product and add comments/ reference images in 'Add Details' column. See more

Which categories in 3D/ AR are supported by Avataar?

The Avataar solution is agnostic of product category. We've seen significant sales conversion increase in categories like Furniture, Consumer Electronics & Durables, Computer & Audio, Outdoor Liv... See more

Which store platforms are supported by Avataar?

Avataar offers turnkey solutions for BigCommerce and Shopify. We are constantly adding new ecommerce platforms; if your store is on a different platform, please contact See more

Do new items in my catalog sync automatically with Avataar?

Yes, the Avataar app syncs with your catalog whenever new items are added, the new items will appear in the Place Order section in the Avataar app. See more

Can I disable my published 3D models?

Yes, navigate to the 'Live' tab in the Avataar apps menu bar. Select the product and click 'Unpublish'. The unpublished experiences are moved to the Publish stage, you can republish the experienc... See more

Does Avataar support all devices and browsers for the 3D AR experiences?

Yes, Avataar experiences are supported on all popular browsers, including Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla. Avataar 3D and AR experiences are responsive to screen size and network bandwidth. See more

What if I want to cancel an ongoing order?

Once an order has been placed it cannot be canceled as the assets are immediately allotted for 3D model creation. Please write to us at with the reason of cancellation and w... See more

What data does Avataar need from my digital store?

Avataar syncs the store catalog and order data on installation of the Avataar app.The catalog is used for 3D model creation while the order data is used for billing purposes. See more

How can I work with Avataar?

Shopify and BigCommerce stores can install the Avataar app using the below links: Avatar for BigCommerce Avataar for Shopify         If you are using a different platform or an agency par... See more