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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Avataar?

Avataar is a global out of the box 3D and interactive augmented reality (AR) solution that enables retail ecommerce stores to create immersive shopping experiences for their customers. With over 1... See more

What is the impact of AR in comparison to static 2D catalog?

3D and interactive AR have shown to increase sales conversion by 94%, increase engagement time (+4min on average), and decrease return by 40%. See more

How can I work with Avataar?

Shopify and BigCommerce stores can install the Avataar app using the below links: Avatar for BigCommerce Avataar for Shopify         If you are using a different platform or an agency par... See more

Which store platforms are supported by Avataar?

Avataar offers turnkey solutions for BigCommerce and Shopify. We are constantly adding new ecommerce platforms; if your store is on a different platform, please contact getsupport@avataar.ai. See more