Publish 3D models

Step IV: Publish 3D models

All approved 3D models are listed in 'Publish' tab in the menu bar.

Select the product that you want to Publish. This would enable two buttons at the bottom of the screen:

  • Configure Integration:

This is a one time requirement that allows for the 3D/AR view to be published on the store's PDP. The steps to be followed to complete this step are:

  • Send an email to to get the code snippet from the Avataar team
  • Navigate to your Shopify store and select 'Online Store' from the Sales channels 
  • Go to Themes and then click on the Settings ('...' next to Customise button)
  • Choose Edit code and look for 'global.js.' If you can't find 'global.js,' try 'themes.liquid' or'main.js'
  • Copy and paste the code into the body of any of these pages and click Save

The above steps will Publish the 3D/AR experiences on the respective PDPs. 

  • Publish: 

The Configure Integration step is required only once. All subsequent 3D models can be published by selecting the product from the page and hitting 'Publish' in the bottom right corner of the page. Publishing 3D models would enable the 3D AR experience on the PDP page of your store.

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