Attention needed

When you place an order for 3D assets, our team looks over the reference images and any additional information you've provided to see if they have enough information to create a good 3D model and experience. If they don't have enough information, they may ask you for more information in the form of additional reference images or comments.

These resources can be found under 'Attention Required.' 

You can see why the 3D team rejected each product at this stage in the Rejection reasons column.

There are 5 rejection codes: 

  1. Insufficient reference images

  2. Low resolution reference images 

  3. Missing or incorrect dimensions 

  4. Unclear what to model 

  5. Others


Reasons for rejection 1–4 may or may not be accompanied by a comment. The'Others' reason, on the other hand, is always accompanied by a comment.

To provide the necessary information, click the edit icon in the 'Additional Requirements' column. Once you've entered all the necessary information, check the boxes and click 'Submit.'

Please keep in mind that you will not be able to select products unless you have provided feedback or uploaded at least one file. One of these is required before you can select and submit the product.

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