3D model Approval process

The ‘Review’ section of the Avataar app menu contains 3D models that are ready for review. Select the product name from the 'Product Name' column to view the 3D and AR experience and accept/reject the model.

The panel on the left of the screen has two functions:

  • Requirement: this section captures your initial request for 3D model creation
  • Feedback: you can accept or reject the 3D model in this section. This function has multiple options:   
    • If  you had previously rejected a 3D asset and are reviewing the updated asset, you can view your past feedback by scrolling down the feedback section. To view the details of previous feedback, look at the Feedback log. You may detach and re-position the feedback panel.

Follow the below steps to review product variants: 

If your product has variants, some of the assets may have been created correctly while others require rework. At this point, accepting some variants while rejecting others is not possible. This is because all variants of a product move as a single unit from one stage (3D creation to quality control). 

If even one product variant's experience is incorrectly created, all variants should be rejected. Please add a reason for rejection and feedback so that the model can be improved. For example: if a recliner has three colour variants - green, blue and yellow. Assume the red and black variants are flawless, but the grey variant lacks the appropriate texture colour or pattern. In this case, reject the product and provide feedback only for the grey variant, as shown by the variant selector in the reference image below:

Once you've finished providing feedback, click the Submit button.

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