The Analytics section is accessible from the side panel of the Avataar app and is the central place to visualize and understand how Avataar 3D and AR are making an impact on your store's business and your customers' experience

The insights we provide through the dashboard are from two broad categories:

Business insights

2D Conversion Rate: The average conversion rate of your SKUs before Avataar experiences were built for them. This number is shown for those SKUs that currently have Avataar 3D and AR enabled

3D Conversion Rate: The average conversion rate of your 3D-enabled SKUs

Sales uplift: The increase in conversion rate after Avataar 3D was introduced. Is the factor or multiple by which the 3D Conversion Rate has increased over the 2D Conversion Rate

3D-enabled GMV: This is the total Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) in USD on 3D-enabled SKUs from the time Avataar 3D and AR was introduced on your store

Freemium Status: Shows the number of 3D enabled transactions on your store till date, compared with the number of free transactions you get to try the app out with

Current Catalog in 3D (%): Answers the simple question of what part of your catalog is currently associated with 3D and AR experiences

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