The Billing section of the app can be accessed from the side panel of the app. 

Avataar gives you 50 free transactions on your store. For the duration of this period, you are not restricted from using any part of the app and can derive the full benefits of evaluation. When limit of free transactions is reached, you may opt to convert to the 'Start Paid Plan' button at the top of the screen. 

Clicking the 'Start Paid Plan' button will redirect you to a screen within your Shopify store, where you can approve the start of a recurring, usage-based subscription along with the mandate for a capped amount upto which dues will be auto-deducted from you every month by Shopify. If the usage in billing cycle exceeds the capped amount, the additional amount will not be auto-deducted from you until you have explicitly approved a higher amount

The billing section hosts all invoices for your store. The invoices are generated on a monthly basis. This section gives you access to: 

  • Summary : total dues owed under Asset creation (3D model and experience) and Transaction fee (log of all 3D AR enabled transactions on the store) and a summation of asset creation and transaction fee. 

  • Asset Creation charges: details of the 3D orders completed during the cycle and their creation price. Incomplete orders are not considered for billing in the current cycle

  • Transaction fees : details of each billable transaction on the store and the fee on each transaction.

Should you choose not to upgrade after the number of free transactions run out, experiences will be unpublished from your store. An invoice will be sent to you at the end of the month to recover our asset creation expenses. The expense details can be viewed in the billing section.

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