Add your team to Avataar

The 'User Management' section, via the side menu bar, is the primary location for managing users and their roles within the app.

The Store Owner has admin privileges and can add and remove users. Below is a reference of User Management screen:

 Description of the User Management screen:
  • Team Members: displays the team members who have access to the Avataar app
  • Team Name: shows the team listed for a retailer store
  • Team Type: shows the type of teams in the Avataar app
  • Your Role: shows the role for the user
  • Permissions: allows you the change role permission for a particular user

Adding or removing a user : 

Only admins can add/ remove users, non admin users only have read access. The Store owner is automatically assigned the admin role. To add team members, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on 'Customer' under the 'Team Name' column, this would open a new window
  2. From the left panel, select 'Team Members Info'
  3. Enter the email id of the user you want to add in the text box on the top of the screen and hit enter. Multiple users can also be added by entering their email addresses in a comma-separated format
  4. The above action would activate the 'Add' button in the box, click on 'Add'
  5. The new user(s) will be added under 'Team Members' 
  6. Change the permission for the user by using the toggle next to Admin permissions
  7. The users can be removed by clicking on the "" button

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