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Bounding Box Placement

Once the floor detection is done, a bounding box (A rectangular border around the product  that you can drag to move, transform, rotate, or scale) is created automatically based on the detected floor. Simultaneously, a GIF appears to help you with the resizing of the bounding box.

Once you click on ‘Tap to Continue’, you will be provided an option of resizing the bounding box.


  1. Since floor detection can be pretty sensitive to minor details in the scene, it is advised that the user moves toward the bottom of the box to ensure that the box is indeed on the floor. If it appears to be appreciably above the floor, click on the restart button and start over. 

  2. For easier resizing of the box, it is preferred that the mat is placed under the centre of the object. But doing so could result in the box being slightly above the floor. Experience with capture will help the user strike a balance between placing the marker before the object outright and under its base