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Bounding Box Adjustment

Once the bounding box is placed, it has to be resized to fit the object snugly, with not more than a slight bit of space around it. However, it must be ensured that no part of the object (even at the back) is left uncovered.

An example of the object not being fully covered from the side (to be strictly avoided) :

Drag on the arrows on each side of the box to adjust it’s dimensions. It is useful to walk around the object to check for uncovered areas and resize the box to ensure that it’s properly adjusted.

The best practice is to use a pinch-to-zoom gesture on the box to bring it to a reasonable size relative to the object and then use the arrows to reduce the gaps between the object and each of the box’s sides. 

Before enlargement: 

After enlargement: 


  • For the best results, ensure that the box surrounds the object as tightly as possible by resizing only as much as necessary

  • Check by holding the phone vertically and at the right height to convince yourself that the top of the object is properly covered

  • During all stages of box resizing, the box can be moved by dragging it around with a single finger, to make resizing easier

  • You should use a two-finger rotation as a first step if you find the box misaligned with the object

After resizing is complete, click on the Arrow at the bottom right corner to move to the next stage.