A Guided Tour Through The App > Capture


The next stage is capturing the selected product, the end goal would be covering the product from various angles to get the best possible outcome. The application guides the user through visual markers around the objects. The Capture gets completed when a user follows 4 markers at different heights (shown in the screenshot below) as instructed in the application.

When you see the below screen in your app, the capture needs to be started. The marker in this step directs the user to capture the top of the product. 

Move forward towards the object such that a part of the dome occupies the centre of the screen until you see the 'Step back a bit!' error (move the phone slightly away after seeing this error). This is the optimal distance for capture. Once the capture button is enabled(screenshot below) , please click on the same to start the capturing process. 

Keep walking sideways around the object while keeping the dome in the center of the screen and not encountering the 'Too close!' or 'Step back a bit!' errors. The dome starts turning blue as you move around it (screenshot below). 

Once the entire dome turns blue, the particular marker is captured properly and the top ring will automatically appear to a preset height. The same process needs to be repeated until the ring turns entirely blue. 

When the top ring is completed, move the phone slowly downwards and repeat the process with the next ring, and then with the last ring to finish the capture. When the dome and all the rings are covered, the Upload starts automatically. 

Important : 

  • The phone vibrates regularly when the recording is on. Use the vibrations like a metronome: take one step sideways around the object for each vibration. This is a good way to set the tempo. Since the process is an auto-capture, it is very important to maintain the right pace to ensure a certain amount of overlap between consecutive frames/images.

  • Throughout the capturing process, if you see the 'Too close!' or 'Step back a bit!' errors please act accordingly for the best outcome. 

  • If you miss a spot (a part of any dome does not turn blue), walk gently back to cover it, then the process resumes as is.