A Guided Tour Through The App > Upload


When a capture is completed, the completion screen appears and the upload starts. Ensure that you have access to a good internet connection before the upload is begun. 

The app throws an error (screenshot below) if your internet connection is not strong enough. Switch to a better connection (preferably Wi-Fi) and the warning should disappear by itself. 


  • The upload happens in the background, if you start scanning another SKU after completing one, there is no limit in the number of uploads that can happen in the background. 

  • For a faster upload experience, the app screen should be kept open. If you minimize the app, the upload process might happen slower than usual. 

  • Please do not kill the app until your uploads are finished, it will pause the upload process and might lead to a failed upload

  • The app automatically clears its files from the device used for capture after the upload is successful