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The Records Page

A successful login takes you to the Records page (screenshot below). 

This is the central place from which you can -

  • Access a consolidated list of your captures

  • Associate captures to capture and capture date & time

  • Status of the render generation

  • Navigate to the Avataar Renderer for each capture (Under ‘Preview’ column)

    • It’s recommended to share the low res links if the experience is supposed to load on an iOS mobile device.

  • Download the alog mesh of the generated file (Under ‘Algo Mesh’ column)


  • A unique entry is created on the page each time the capture process is completed (when capture files are successfully uploaded from the app). 

  • Each object captured is associated with a unique record ID. The search facility allows you to search the SKU by record ID as well as capturer. 

  • The status of Render generation may be monitored from the 'Status' column. Refresh the page to update the status and to show any new captures taken since the last time.