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Hamburger Menu Button

You can access the menu options by clicking on the 'Menu' button, which is represented by three parallel lines located at the top left corner of the screen.

The hamburger menu button offers several functionalities, including:

  • Captures: You can see a preview of the output for all your captures. If any capture is being uploaded, you will see a progress bar displayed here.

  • View Other's Captures: By selecting this option, you can view all the outputs generated by other users in your organization. (This option appears only for Pro Users)

  • Community: This section allows you to check the outputs of captures done by members of Avataar's community.

  • Tips & Tricks: By clicking on this option, you can access suggestions provided by our experts. It contains helpful information, including do's and don'ts for using the application.

  • Bottom Capture: If you are scanning an object that has significant details at the bottom, you can enable the 'Bottom Capture' option. This feature provides an additional flow to capture the bottom of the object.

  • Storage : The current storage available in your device will be shown under ‘Storage’ so that you can delete unwanted details. If you have ample storage space in your device, this option will not be visible. 

  • Help: In the 'Help' section, you can access the application's documentation whenever you need assistance. Additionally, you can 'Contact Us' for support or 'Raise a Bug' under this section.

  • Delete my Account: If you wish to delete your account on our platform, you can select the 'Delete my account' option.

  • Log Out: To log out from the application, simply click on the 'Log Out' button.


  1. Please ensure that all ongoing uploads are completed to prevent any data loss.

  2. Please remember to disable 'Bottom Capture' if you do not want to capture the bottom part of a product before initiating the scan.