Getting Started with Avataar Web Application > Records


The records page is a key component of the Avataar web app. The scanned product from the catalog and the 3D model that was ingested will now be available in the records page. Click on the ‘Records’ option on the top to see all the submissions in the records page. 

This is the central place which allows the users to access a consolidated list of the full catalog. You will find the below details against each SKU in this page : 

  • SKU - The unique record id of all the captures along with the product name

  • Captured on - The date and time of the scan

  • Created by - The person who performed the scan 

  • Status - Status of output  generation of the captures

  • Type of Record -  Whether the asset is capturable, not capturable or mesh (selected at the time of catalog ingestion under ‘Capturable?’)

  • Asset - The reference link of the asset (images/PDP/mesh)

  • Preview -  Rendered output of the scanned product

  • Experience - Final experience link with all the interactivity (if any)

  • Download the mesh (3D) of the generated file (Under the ‘Algo Mesh’ column)


  • A unique entry is created on the page each time the capture process is completed (when capture files are successfully uploaded from the app). 

  • Each object captured is associated with a unique record ID. The search facility allows you to search the SKU by record ID as well as capturer

  • The status of Render generation may be monitored from the 'Status' column. Refresh the page to update the status and to show any new captures taken since the last time