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Integration with Android Renderer


  • Android Studio - A developer’s tool to build the application.

Integration : 

  1. To include the JitPack repository in your project, add the following code at the end of the repositories section in your root build.gradle or settings.gradle file:

allprojects {

    repositories {


        maven { url '' }



2. Include the following dependency in your build.gradle ( to integrate the library: 

dependencies {

    implementation 'com.github.SoulVisionCreations:gemini-android:1.1.7'


3. To open Avataar's experience, add the following code at the desired location where you want to integrate the 3D experience:

val intent = Intent(this,

intent.putExtra("configUrl", "Value of configUrl")

intent.putExtra(“token”,”Authentication token”)


Note : 

  • Please ensure to replace the "Value of configUrl" with the actual configUrl which can be copied from Avataar Web Application. 

  • The authentication token has to be replaced by actual authentication token which will be provided from Avataar team.  

Sample : 

Here's a sample code demonstrating the entire integration, where we enable the Avataar experience as a different activity: