Avataar Experience Creator > Export


At the bottom of the interface, you will find an "Export" button (bottom right corner of the entire screen), which facilitates the saving of the 3D scene as images or videos and allows you to export the relevant package for integration. When the "Export" button is clicked, the "Export" panel will appear, showing the following options:

  • Image
  • Video
  • Package


This option allows you to export the 3D scene as a still image in a format like PNG or JPEG. Post clicking on ‘Image’ option you need to click on the ‘Capture’ button to get the image output which appears below the animation timeline.


With this option, you can export the 3D scene as a video file, capturing any animations or movements within the scene. The video can be exported in MP4 format. 

Also, before clicking on the ‘render’ button to export the video, you can set the speed and FPS (frame per second) in order to get the suitable output. 

Once the rendering is completed, ‘Video History’ option will appear which enables the option of downloading the rendered video. 



To integrate Avataar experience in your own website, you need to export the package linked to the particular product. Please click on the ‘Package’ option and follow the steps to integrate the created experience into the relevant product display page.